TrueBeam® Beam Generation System

TrueBeam® radiotherapy system – beam generation

Technical solutions


The TrueBeam system is based on a revolutionary beam generation technology radically different from any other on the market. Built on years of experience, this technology delivers superior speed and dose delivery performance with a wide range of energies.

 Significant features of the TrueBeam system include:

• Variable energy switching technology provides the ability to customize the "energy continuum."
• Simplified and integrated rotary magnet. This patented technology provides a narrow energy spectrum for each energy configuration and provides a stable and constant beam output.
• Advanced energy filter and target changing system. Allows customization of standard energy configurations for both photon radiation and electrons in addition to new configurations of high-dose irradiation.
• Therapeutic beam strobing is accomplished by strobing the electron beam in real-time.
• Maximum dosimetry capability. The TrueBeam dosimetry system is designed to support a range of dose rates from the lowest (<5 ME/minute) up to a high dose rate of 2,400 ME/minute.

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