Low Energy Unit Unique™

Unique™ system

It was first introduced by Varian in 2009 in two configurations: the standard Power Edition and the advanced Performance Edition. The Performance Edition, equipped with an MLC 120 with full leaves overlap and RapidArc® treatment mode, is being manufactured by Fabrika RTT.

  • The first low-energy linac with RapidArc treatment

    • RapidArc treatment technology provides precise dose distribution and delivers beam intensity-modulated radiotherapy With MV imaging control in less time -minutes - which shows the clinical and cost-effectiveness of owning a Unique system.
  • PortalVision aS1000 Advanced Imaging System

    • Combines a MV imaging system with software that allows you to position the tumor with high accuracy and correct patient positioning during a session by comparing the acquired MV images.
    • All necessary actions regarding the positioning of the treatment table can be done remotely from the control room.
  • Synchronization on free breathing

    • The device can be optionally equipped with RPM™ real-time position management for nonstop monitoring of the patient's movements with respiratory synchronization function, which increases treatment accuracy and patient comfort. The system supports both a breath-holding mode and a free-breathing protocol.
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  • Photon energies

    6 MV

  • Max. dose rate

    Up to 600 MU/min **

  • Treatment delivery modes and techniques

    2D and 3D CRT, IMRT, RapidArc treatment.

  • MLC


  • Static therapy field size

    From 0,5 х 0,5 cm to 40 х 40 cm

  • Synchronization systems

    Real-time Position Management* (RPM)*

  • Imaging systems

    Portal imaging

* Optional
**MU - monitor units

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