Halcyon® Radiotherapy system

Halcyon® system

Halcyon is a tunnel-type radiotherapy system with a built-in photon beam stopper that offers high-quality, efficient Image Guided IMRT and RapidArc® treatment and additionally can be a great alternative to the outdated technology for most Russian oncology hospitals, where vaults were designed for Co-60 gamma radiation therapy machines. Fabrika RTT is an authorized Halcyon manufacturer for Russia and produces the model in several modifications with MV and kV imaging systems.

  • Maximum efficiency

    • Gentry speed is up to 4 rotations per min.
    • One procedure usually takes less than 10 min. door-to-door.
    • The daily automatic Machine Performance Check (MPC) duration is 5 min or less.
    • Installation and commissioning typically take less than 2 weeks.
    • Reduced power consumption compared to other radiotherapy systems.
  • High quality of treatment

    • IMRT and RapidArc treatment are held under the mandatory control of IGRT technology.
    • Improved definitions of soft tissues by using kV CBCT technology.
    • The iterative CBCT statistical reconstruction method Is used to increase image quality.
  • Human-centered design

    • Consistent and accessible system operation process.
    • Low noise enhances the patient's comfort.
    • Spacious, 100 cm diameter bore for maximum patient comfort.
    • A low couch altitude with smooth running.
    • Video system and intercom for patient communication integrated into the linac's construction.
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  • Photon energies

    6 MV with FFF

  • Max. dose rate

    Up to 800 МU/min

  • Treatment delivery modes and techniques

    IGRT, IMRT, RapidArc, FFF

  • MLC

    A new generation double-layer MLC with up to 5 cm/sec leaves speed

  • Imaging system

    - MV CBCT - kV CBCT with iCBCT*

* Depends on the configuration

Clinical solutions

  • Clinical solutions

Radiation therapy for breast cancer with the Halcyon system

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