GammaMed plus™ Brachytherapy Unit

GammaMedplus™ iX HDR/PDR afterloader

GammaMedplus iX HDR/PDR afterloader is the fifth generation of the GammaMed line of Contact Radiation Therapy machines with a significant history and an established reputation.

High quality and reliable technology are the hallmarks of GammaMedplus iX afterloader system for high dose rate (HDR) and pulsed fractionation (PDR) brachytherapy.

The device provides a wide range of options for clinical use: remote-controlled contact irradiation, BrachyVision™ planning system, as well as applicators manufactured by Varian and partner companies.

  • Treatment Console

    • Simple and safe.
    • Graphic/numeric treatment information.
    • Imports treatment plan parameters.
    • Automatically adjusts treatment times based on true source activity.
  • Safety

    • Source safe key-lock
    • Dummy source positioning control
    • Radiation warning light
    • Emergency source-retract button
    • Emergency source hand crank
    • Backup UPS in case of power failure
  • Additional Features

    • Easy and flexible recovery from treatment interruptions.
    • Simple & rapid creation of treatments based on library plans.
    • Treatment of longer active lengths per channel.
    • Records all actions associated with a record (who did what and when)
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  • Number of channels


  • Source Iridium-192

    - 0.9 mm capsule diameter - 3.5 mm active length

  • Wire

    - 200 mm ultra-flexible final braided section - Certified for up to 5000 transfers - 13 mm minimum treatment radius

  • Dwell positions per channel


  • Dwell time resolution

    0.1 sec.

  • Step size

    Selectable 1-10mm in 1mm increments

  • Wire speed (max)


  • Adjustable height


  • Minimum dimensions of the room without taking into account the labyrinth and additional equipment

    2 Х 3 m

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