Radiosurgery System EDGE®

Edge® radiosurgery system

The specialized solution for stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery for any localization. The Edge radiosurgery system is the quintessential evolution of stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy. Using a synthesis of the most advanced technologies, you can perform non-invasive ablative intra- and extracranial radiosurgical procedures and complement them with precision radiotherapy for a wide range of clinical indications.

  • Accuracy

    • High precision isocenter gantry, collimator, and couch.
    • Constant precision throughout the entire procedure for a wide range of applications.
    • PerfectPitch™ couch with six degrees of freedom.
    • Robotic table alignment with smooth isocentric movement in six degrees of freedom.
    • High load capacity of up to 200 kg combined with high positioning accuracy.
    • HD120™ multileaf collimator.
    • Accurate focused dose delivery.
    • High-resolution beam shaping with 2.5 mm leaves wide.
  • Versatility

    • Allows for an individualized treatment of patients with different diseases using radiosurgical and standard radiotherapy techniques.
    • Full range of photon and electron energies as required by the user.
  • Efficiency

    • High dose rate irradiation modes up to 2400 MU/minute to deliver high dose therapy in a short period.
    • Up to five photon energies.
    • 0-8 electron energies, up to two additional electron beams for high dose skin treatment.
    • Low energy photon beam at 2.5 MV for high-quality imaging in the therapy beam
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  • Photon energies

    From 4 to 20 MV *

  • Electron energies

    From 4 to 22 MeV *

  • Max. dose rate

    Up to 600 MU/min **

  • Max dose rate using FFF

    Up to 2400 MЕ/ min

  • Treatment delivery modes and methods

    3D CRT, IGRT, IMRT, RapidArc® treatment, HyperArc® * high definition radiotherapy, SRS*, SBRT*, Electrons Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy, TBI, TBE

  • MLC

    HD120 MLC

  • Treatment couch

    PerfectPitch couch with six degrees of freedom

  • Imaging systems

    - portal imaging - kV imaging system for 2D, 3D and 4D imaging, including iterative CBCT reconstruction algorithm*

* Optional
**MU - monitor units

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