Clinac® iX system

Clinac® iX system

The Clinac iX system is the flagship model in the Clinac family, first introduced by Varian in 2004, and used demand by clinics around the world due to its clinical efficiency, reliability, and upgradeability

Fabrika RTT manufactures the latest generation Clinac iX in 2013 configuration

  • High power and precision in dynamics

    • Select up to 3 photon beam energies and up to 5 electron beam energies
    • Reduce treatment duration with high dose rate mode - 10 MV FFF
    • Increase patient safety and accuracy of dose delivery with RPM™ real-time position management**.
  • Intuitive and dynamic workflow

    • Easy integration with Varian treatment planning and monitoring systems and the ability to transfer data from planning systems of other manufacturers.
    • 100% real-time control of patient positioning with the Exact® IGRT couch
    • 5 easy steps to prepare for treatment: stacking, imaging, monitoring, and verifying patient positioning, fractionation.
  • Affordable Upgrade

    • The linac equipped with a 120-leaf collimator, patient respiration synchronization system, and high dose rate (FFF) irradiation mode, which allows stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT)*
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  • Photon energies

    From 4 to 20 MV *

  • Electron energies

    From 4 to 22 MeV *

  • Max. dose rate

    Up to 600 MU/min **

  • Treatment delivery modes and techniques

    3D CRT SRT* SRS* SBRT* IMRT RapidArc® treatment IGRT Electrons Dynamic Comfort Arc Therapy TBI

  • MLC


  • Static therapy field size

    From 0,5 х 0,5 cm to 40 х 40 cm

  • Synchronization systems

    Real-time Position Management* (RPM)**

* Optional
**MU - monitor units

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